The Pursuit Retreat 2024

Join Taylor Made & friends for this year's Pursuit Experience: RETREAT EDITION June 27th - June 30th in Atlanta, Ga as we take time to refresh, reset and renew before going into the second half 2024.

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About Taylor Made

Taylor J. Banks (LMSW, MDiv), affectionately known as "Taylor Made" and the “Purpose Pusher” positions women for holistic success as a speaker, author, mentor and counselor.

Taylor began her pursuit of wholeness and freedom when she went beyond the usual comforts of family and her home church and attended Boston College. She quickly realized that God desired to be part of every area of her life and would use her to help teach women and girls how to pursue well!

Talk with Taylor
  • Eye Opening

    I absolutely enjoyed every last bit of this experience definitely gonna be catching a few replays , Taylor Banks thank you for creating this , this was truly an eye opening experience, and I honor your pour and I pray that God restores you ten fold , I love you and I thank you again.

    Briana Patten- Houston, Texas

  • Very Powerful

    Tonight was everything..... I just want to thank you Taylor Banks for putting together such a powerful, educational and life changing conference(EXPERIENCE).... It was worth everything and more God bless you forever and I pray you receive exceedingly and abundantly beyond what you've prayed for.

    Lynnze Farger- St. Louis, Missouri

  • Highly Recommended

    It really pays to push. The past two days I’ve pressed to jump on for Midday Push and have not been disappointed. If you can take your break at that time, I highly recommend. Disclaimer: You might have to go back to work with no edges.

    Joanie Rogers- Rohde, Island