What if you could experience 5-Days of transformation? Well, you can with us LIVE!

Why The Pursuit Experience?

Why should YOU be a part of the Pursuit Experience?

🎀Sisterhood - it truly makes the difference during the pursuit! No more doing life alone!
🎀Strategy - we will equip you with strategy from industry leaders to level up in every area of your life!
🎀 Transformation - you’ll end the experience more of the woman God made you to be!

What part of your pursuit do you need help with most?

Join Us To Share

What Were Doing

I know you are wondering what exactly is about to go down during the Experience!

Here is a quick recap!:

🔹We will be taught strategy and empowered by industry leaders nightly in our virtual room!
🔹We will meet together in person for the first time in pursuit history for purpose night w/ Taylor and friends!
🔹On the last day we‘re hosting a BRUNCH! Get cute and come hit the wobble with us 😅

All we know is you CAN NOT miss this entire event!

Are you convinced yet? Girl, stop playing we know you want in!

What is The Pursuit Experience?

5 days of being equipped in purpose, relationships, wealth, health and prayer!

Our purpose is to transform the lives of women with a holistic approach.

Our God is a holistic God and desires to see us whole and healthy.

God wants to be involved in our finances, relationships, careers, personal, and spiritual development. The Pursuit Experience will provide strategy on how to do this from industry leaders!

Last Year's Pursuit Experience

Pursuing Prayer

Shavon challenged us to pursue God in prayer more intentionally. Our prayer life seems to be missing in action when all things are good she says. But, to pursue in prayer means to run after, and chase after with aggression. Shavon taught us to pursue God in prayer with a chase in our hearts. In order to pursue in prayer we must do it God's way to get God's Results.

Pursuing Health

Melissa helped us to pursue God in our Emotional Health. This session gathered us all together to face some of the very truths we try to hide. Our emotional health is the way that we get to pursue God. If our emotions aren't managed well we will fail terribly at being spiritually, physically, and emotionally available for God.