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Mom in Pursuit

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Hey Moms! 

Join us in the month of May for three weeks of community building with moms just like you as you are equipped in your parenting, identity and mental health. We have three amazing moms who will present weekly:

Raising Emotionally Healthy Children w/ Susan Curtis - mother of two girls and a newborn who has intentionally embraced the journey of motherhood as she learns to establish new healthy patterns as a millenial mama.

Identity and Selfcare w/ Nany Santana - a mom of two children on the spectrum, lover of God, podcast host and speaker who will share how she maintains personal identity and self care while caring for her family. 

Parenting without Regret w/ Tyra Banks - a mom of now two adult children who was gentle parenting before gentle parenting was trending and a special education teacher, and literacy expert with over 10 years of experience. 

Invite a mama no matter how old their children are and lets pursue together!