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The Fit Pursuit

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In the month of April we'll be focusing on our fitness! God is raising up holistic women who aren't just able to pray and prophesy or be good mothers/wives or just be wealthy but women who are FIT also!

You need to be physically fit not for vain purposes although looking good and feeling good about how we look is important to most of us. Being fit enables us to be able to do all the things you are called to do!

You need a healthy body to show up as a speaker, business owner, mother, wife, etc. Why? Because you use your body to do those things 😅!

Session topics this month will include

  • Healing Your Relationship with Food (April 1st w/ Sierra Brown)
  • Stress: Friend or Foe (April 8th w/ Melinda Perez)
  • Strengthening Your Mind Through Fitness (April 15th w/ Ashley Woods) 

We will also focus on moving our bodies and putting intentional food and drink in our bodies with our Fitness Calendar challenge! 

Lets pursue!